How we started...

   Mike Kaneris is a Michigan Army National Guard veteran and started in Arboriculture after his deployment to Afghanistan in 2011. After studying Horticulture at Michigan State University, he decided to try his hand with tree work. He hasn’t looked back since. His love for healthy trees and the benefits they bring to the community has become a passion.


   After moving to Lexington in 2017. He started working at the University of Kentucky as the Arborist- Team Lead for the campus.  Although the trees on the campus of UK are beautiful, he started to notice a lot of neglect and improper pruning practices for the trees around the city.  After brainstorming with his wife for a while, they decided to start a tree care company that focuses on the PRESERVATION of trees and not just pruning and removing them. 5 Branches Tree Preservation LLC was formed. Our goal is to educate home owners about the benefits of keeping their trees healthy and using safer ways to accomplish this goal by trunk injections and soil drenches instead of spraying chemicals.


   The name 5 Branches Tree Preservation is credited to his wife Erin, based off of the five branches of the military. We take pride in being a Veteran owned business and hope you will take pride in hiring us, to preserve your trees.


   Healthy Trees for Healthy Lives.


   Mike & Erin Kaneris 

ISA: MI-4278A