Services We Offer



  • Tree Injection

      Injecting insecticides and fungicides directly into the tree is the safest form of chemical distribution. We will inject                       for a variety of invasive insects including but not limited to: Emerald Ash Borer, Scale, Anthracnose, Scab, and others!       

  • Soil Testing

       Testing the soil is a critical process in knowing which nutrients are lacking for your trees to remain healthy.                                 Using a soil test kit, we will take samples of the specified area and send it to your counties UK Extension Office. Based on              the results, we will know what your soil needs and create a solution to correct it. 

  • Pruning

      Proper pruning practices are of utmost importance to a trees health.  We follow ISA Best Management Practices for tree               pruning to ensure proper healing of wounds to limit the risk of pest and disease entering your tree.  WE WILL NOT TOP                 YOUR TREES!!!!

  • Mulch Rings

      The importance of proper mulch rings under your trees canopy is vital to the root system. 

           We will form the rings at the proper depth of mulch as well as keeping it aesthetically pleasing. 

  • Tree Risk Assessments (TRAQ)   Level I-III

Service Areas

   Our immediate service areas:  Powell, Wolfe, Montgomery and Clark counties.

We also offer estimates for the majority of Eastern Kentucky and Lexington.